Han Ye Seul Và Teddy

Han Ye Seul & her boyfriend of four years, Teddy, have broken up, và on Monday the actress decided khổng lồ erase all traces of him from her social truyền thông by deleting her Instagram page.

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The actress" Instagram page had quite a number of pictures of Teddy, who is a producer. Last year, the actress even posted a short video on Teddy"s birthday where she was seen kissing him on the cheek.

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News of their split was mochijewellery.comnfirmed by Han Ye Seul"s agency, with a source stating that they have "decided khổng lồ just mochijewellery.comntinue supporting each other as mochijewellery.comlleagues."

The exact reason for their split is yet unknown, but reports claim that their busy schedules came in the way of their relationship. It is also not immediately known when they decided to gọi it quits, but rumours indicate that they have been having issues for quite a while.

Acmochijewellery.comrding khổng lồ one fan who seems lớn have "heard around the YG water mochijewellery.comoler," Han Ye Seul was incredibly jealous. "When there was even a mention of Teddy on SNS she was right there saying things lượt thích "he"s so wonderful, he"s mine, I"m so lucky that he loves me." She demanded to lớn know his every move and whereabouts at all times."

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul"s decision to lớn delete her Instagram page has worried fans, who fear she is not handling the breakup well.

Teddy and Han Ye Seul got together in 2013 after a mutual friend introduced them. In 2014"s SBS Actors Award, Han Ye Seul publicly announced her love for Teddy, saying: "...and lastly, I want khổng lồ say, I love you, khổng lồ my boyfriend Teddy, who I love very much. We loved much this year, và let"s love a lot again next year."


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