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On the latest installment of Entertainment Weekly during the “Guerilla Date” corner, EXO‘s members revealed the different types of entertainment that they hope khổng lồ try in the future.

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With the question, the MC immediately brought up thành viên Sehun asking, “Sehun, didn’t you say you wanted to lớn be on ‘We Got Married’ during a radio interview?”

Sehun replied eagerly, “Yes, I bởi vì want to try it. Who I’m paired with doesn’t really matter. But I do want to try it.”

Chen joked, “What if you’re paired with a man?” khổng lồ which Sehun quickly responded, “Don’t be ridiculous!” as the studio erupted in laughter.

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The uploaded video clip also revealed Xiumin‘s thoughts as he said, “I’m not great with words so variety shows might be tough but I would like to film more CFs in the future.


EXO is currently promoting with “Call Me Baby,” their first comeback as 10 members with their latest release EXODUS which has reportedly surpassed half a million orders less than 2 days after it’s release. Tao has been absent from recent stages due lớn injury & was spotted at a pharmacy on crutches buying medicine and netizens suspect that thành viên Lay has been hiding an injury during recent stages.

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