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Infused with green tea extract delivers an antioxidant-rich hydration & nourishment for healthy skin. 

For All Skin Type


Green Tea Balancing Skin EX 25 ml - A refreshing watery-gel toner, fueled with Jeju Green Tea. It balances, moisturizes, và nourishes your skin. It absorbs smoothly và quickly without any greasy residue.

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Green Tea Seed Serum 15 ml - Formulated with a blend of Jeju Green Tea extract & Green Tea Seed Oil that work together to help maintain skin’s delicate balance và retain moisture longer. The result is strengthened, restored skin & a brighter, more even tone.

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Green Tea Balancing Lotion 25 ml - A lightweight, fast absorbing emulsion softens và smooths the skin leaving you with a clean, fresh finish.Green Tea Seed Cream 10 ml - A daily moisturizer infused with a blend of Jeju green tea and green tea seed oil to leave skin feeling quenched with intense hydration.


How lớn Use

Apply a proper amount evenly onto skin & pat gently for better absorption. 

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